Associate Degree in Engineering

Degree in Engineering, which involves the study and application of the principles of science and mathematics, has transformed the way we live and function. Engineering touches every aspect of the world around us in the form of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and more recently by the way of Computer, Software, and Environmental Engineering. Engineers have, thus, come to be regarded as indispensable to the modern needs of industries, governments, and of society in general.

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online educationThis, in turn, has translated into handsome pay packages for engineers and an ever-increasing demand for their expertise. With more and more students opting for engineering degrees, the focus is no longer on intensive-study but on smart-study. And this is where online education in the form of an online degree from an online college comes into picture. Engineering degrees are available in the form of an associate degree in engineering, bachelor’s degree in engineering, and a master’s degree in engineering. Here, our focus shall be on online associate degrees in engineering.

Online Associate Degree in Engineering

An online associate degree in engineering is a career/professional degree which is often described as a primer to the bachelor’s degree in engineering. As such, the online degree program comprises general courses in mathematics and science and specific courses in engineering (familiarization with concepts) and in an optional, in certain cases, depending on one’s field of interest. The degree generally spans two years and is awarded upon the adherence of criteria and requirements as laid down by the concerned online college. For admission, the minimum eligibility criterion, in most cases, is a high school diploma.

Online Associate Degree Programs and Online Colleges

Engineering being a highly competitive field, the quest is no longer limited to a mere online engineering associate degree. There is an increasing demand in online education for the top online colleges and universities offering the best online degrees programs. To help you find the most suitable online learning college degree program for you, we have listed some of the accredited online colleges and the accredited online degree programs that they offer:

ECPI University (Electronics Engineering)

Skyline College (Electronics Engineering Technology)

Stratford University (Network Engineering and Software Engineering)

Missouri Tech (Software Engineering)

While some colleges that offer online degree programs offer 100% online programs, some others offer composite or hybrid programs that include some in-classroom sessions.

Why Opt for an Online Associate Degree in Engineering?

Engineering incorporating professional courses and a challenging curriculum, engineering aspirants are required to have a broad-based knowledge of the field. And there’s not any better way to become started than to select an online engineering associate degree. It is a stepping stone to a subsequent bachelor’s degree. Should you elect to work, your online associate degree would guarantee you an entry-level engineering post.

And if you opt for the online associate degree in engineering, you would, in addition, be entitled to all the benefits of attending online college courses such as flexibility of time and place, the opportunity to learn-while-you-earn, and all this without compromising on the benefits of an on-campus degree!

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