Bachelor’s Degree in Health Informatics

Health Informatics (also known as Health Information Technology), as the name suggests, entails the employment of information technology to ameliorate the standards of health care in terms of compilation, maintenance, and retrieval of health-related data, among other things. The discipline of Health Informatics has acquired great significance with the increasing computerization of medical information and records. And healthcare being one of the largest industries in the U.S., there is an increasing demand for health informatics professionals.

To work as an information technology specialist in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare and related institutions, requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in health informatics. Online education has now made it possible to pursue the bachelor’s degree in health informatics online via online degrees made available by online colleges.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Health Informatics – An overview

About: The online bachelor’s degree in Health Informatics is usually awarded in the form of a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Informatics. In a nutshell, it involves studies in designing, developing, and managing health information systems. A majority of the bachelor’s degree programs offered online are accredited by the accredited online bachelor degreeCommission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

Coursework: The areas of study include, inter alia, health informatics fundamentals, information technology fundamentals, health informatics systems, and information technology management. The coursework covers topics such as organization of electronic health data and records, data integrity, patient privacy, and related laws and regulations.

Online Degrees and Online Colleges: The online bachelor’s degree in health informatics is offered by the best online degree universities in the following variations:


Colleges that offer online degree programs as above mentioned online degree programs are:

Western Governor’s University

University of Phoenix

University of Illinois at Chicago

Ashford University

Admission: The online colleges follow online admission procedures for enrollment to their online bachelor’s degree programs details of which can be found on their websites. Enrollment for the bachelor’s program requires a high school diploma or equivalent qualification.

Advantages: Upon completion of the online bachelor’s degree in health informatics, the options are numerous both work-wise and study-wise. Students with a bachelor’s degree in health informatics are sought after to fill in information technology specialist positions in healthcare and healthcare-associated institutions such as in hospitals, pathological laboratories, and even in pharmaceutical and insurance companies. You can also choose to pursue your master’s in health informatics with a specialization in your area of your interest.

The online colleges offering online bachelor’s degrees in health informatics offer flexible programs and you can easily find a program to suit your needs. In addition, this being an online education program, you would have the freedom to study at your convenience both in terms of where and when you choose to study. This works particularly well for working students, those with personal commitments, and those already working in the health care sector.

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