CA Superintendent Gives $800K Back to His School System

Larry Powell, superintendent of Fresno County Campus  Schools, has forfeited $800,000, three year’s salary, to run 325 schools, 35 school districts, and 195,000 total, until his terms ends in 2015. And all the while, he’ll be earning a salary lower than a first year California school teacher.colleges that offer online degree programs

According to an article published by The Boston Globe, Powell was disheartened by Southern California school officials secretly boosting their salaries. “It’s hard to believe that someone in the public trust would do that to the public,” Powell said. “My wife and I asked ourselves ‘What can we do that might restore confidence in government?’

During such a trying time for college students, parents, and those who work in the field of education, Powell’s gesture has been warmly received.


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