Could a Career in Video Game Design be Right for You?

Video game design calls to the hearts of gamers around the country. While the industry focus is in the casual arena of recreational entertainment, the career still requires concentrated skills in technical programming and intelligent construction.

online college education programsThe technology boom of the twenty-first century has created a demand for video game designers that previously didn’t exist. This kind of action has created an exciting buzz for passionate gamers everywhere.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Here’s a list of qualities we’ve compile that can take you to the next level.

Video Game Design: What’s it Take?

Command of Gaming

This point isn’t to suggest that you have to be a great gamer, but simply that you have to be one.

In order to effectively design video games, you have to have a solid grasp of what is expected out of game-play, regardless of genre or design style. It is one of the few careers that requires sufficient background knowledge for success.

Management and Trouble-Shooting Skills

A great game designer aims for perfection. Whenever many hands are involved in creating a final product, there will be hurdles. As a game designer, you’ll be expected to clear these hurdles and implement creative solutions to problems.

This is not unlike a project manager that might oversee a construction site. As components come together, a video game designer must ensure all the pieces meld properly. In instances where they don’t, it will be your responsibility to make the magic happen behind the scenes.

An Education in Video Game Design

Like many careers these days, a job in video game design typically begins with an college education in the same field – and it’s a field that has come a long way.

Once sparsely found as even individual classes, there are now entire accredited online college degree programs dedicated to video game design. These technology degrees highlight every aspect of a career in gaming, including software development education , simulation programming, and art and design online classes.

Programs vary by location, and degree offerings range from technical degrees to associate’s and bachelor degrees.

Where to Start

Designing video games is more than just a career; it’s an art form, driven by creative ideas and inspired direction. If you’re ready to take your gaming skills from couch to career, here are a few steps to get you started.

1. Apply to online college. Your passion in gaming will make you good at what you do, but an online education will provide you the infrastructural knowledge you’ll need to get a job.

2. Organize a portfolio . Throughout your collegiate career you’ll be designing software, art, and games. Creative productions like these are like gold in your resume. Keep an organized file on your computer easily accessible.

3. Back up your stuff! This is important! Crucial! And absolutely necessary! I know the exclamation points are a little out of control, but only because it’s true. As you create games and files throughout college, and even after, you’ll likely be storing it all electronically. Losing even fragments of your work can be devastating. Back up everything, and do it often.


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