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A degree program in Criminal Justice includes the study of law enforcement, the judiciary system, rehabilitation programs, and laws and procedures relating to probation.  The goal of a Criminal Justice program is to train aspiring professionals to protect public safety and prevent and minimize crime.

online degree programsWhile the discipline of criminology studies crime as a social phenomenon and examines the cultural and psychological factors that lead individuals to commit crimes, as well as typical criminal behavioral patterns, a online degree in Criminal Justice gives you a pragmatic education that teaches you the practical, everyday skills needed to achieve success in this field.  Graduates from online learning college degree programs work in local and federal law enforcement, corrections, homeland security, juvenile justice, narcotics bureaus, parks and recreation, and many more.  Students may pursue certificates, as well as Associates, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees and PhD’s.  The level of education required varies depending on your professional goals.  For example, careers in federal law enforcement require more training than careers in local law enforcement or parks and recreation.

Certificates may be earned in a relatively short period of time, and prepare students for a specific, specialized career, such as crime scene technician.  They also frequently serve as a foundation for building broader skills in the field.  An Associate’s Degree, usually completed in two years, builds a broader base of knowledge.  Coursework often provides an introduction to various arts and sciences.  A online Bachelor’s Degree, completed in four years, provides an in-depth education appropriate for students hoping to work in law enforcement at the federal level or the highest levels of local law enforcement agencies or the private sector.   A Master’s Degree, completed in two years, provides students with a high level of training that prepares them for leadership roles in many public and private sectors.  It also broadens the education of those wishing to switch careers within the field.  Finally, a Master’s Degree also prepares students for doctoral work, which is required for those who wish to teach at the university level.  Many online colleges and universities offer certificates and degrees in Criminal Justice, as well as related fields such as Juvenile Justice, International Justice, Security Management, and Criminal Justice Administration.

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