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Ever since the events of September 11th, 2001, security has gone up tremendously. Because of this, many more job s are available now for those seeking degrees in criminal justice.

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Criminal justice graduates can provide an exceptional amount of services to the public. Police officers patrol streets and traffic, detectives investigate crimes and suspects, computer forensics analyze crimes, and the list goes on. These are all exciting careers with great earning potential and they are all highly respected. No day at work will ever be the same as the next or the one before and everyday you will find yourself in exciting and new situations. Criminal justice degrees are available either online or on-campus for associate, bachelor, and master level. Working on-campus allows direct interaction with students and teachers of criminal justice, however going on campus may not fit into everyone’s schedule or be right for them. Online degrees allow you to fit your school work into your schedule without commuting faraway or making major schedule changes. With an online degree, you can still enjoy the opportunity to interact with students and instructors without the stress of attending an on-campus school.

An associate degree  in criminal justice allows many students to become police and sheriff patrol officers, earning them about $47,000. To enter the field of criminal justice, you must have some college experience and degree. For  holders of bachelor degree  in criminal justice  , these students attain higher-level jobs, such as wardens, secret service agents, and some other supervisory positions. These salaries are around $70,000. Choosing the right online school for an online degree in criminal justice is crucial to having the best career possible for your future.

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