CTU Bachelor Degree in Information Technology

The CTU online bachelor degreedistance education degree with a concentration in information technology has been developed and designed around preparing graduates to take advantage of the growing and expanding need for highly trained IT professionals.

About 10 million people in America earn their living from information technology jobs according to the IT association of America. This is a huge number that shocked me and made me realize how information technology is so important and influential in today’s world. So many people are in need of IT’s that can get the work done they need for many programs on the computer, software, hardware, and just about any other aspect they have knowledge of. Also, the job opportunities for these workers are predicted to grow and increase throughout 2010 and beyond. This increase will promise many computer information system managers and research analysts in this field an abundant amount of job opportunities available.

There are many different career options for those with an online bachelor degree in information technology. Such as:

Students in the BSBA program for information technology at CTU will gain a well rounded and current online education in the business world with the skills and fundamentals of information technology. Students will be able to apply modern business and information technology tools to many career fields and gain experience as they go along.

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