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If you’ve dreamed of owning your own restaurant or creating gourmet dishes at luxury resorts or trendy hot spots, then a degree in Culinary Arts may be what you’re looking for.  As a graduate of a Culinary Arts program, you’ll be able to utilize your creativity in a way that nourishes others and brings together family and friends.  Over the next decade, the food and travel industries are expected to grow significantly, creating thousands of new jobs.  With a Culinary Arts degree, you’ll be qualified to become a chef, food buyer, restaurant manager, baker, and more.  Some examples of businesses that hire Culinary Arts graduates include restaurants, resorts, colleges and universities, culinary schools, corporations, airlines, and elder car facilities.

Of course, the skills needed to be successful in this industry are not limited to food preparation.  Since the food industry caters to the needs of the public, industry professionals are expected to interact with customers, often on a daily basis.  Social skills and the ability to meet the demands of the customer in a professional manner are crucial in this field.  In addition, time management skills are important, as many careers in the food industry require professionals to be available for work during evening or early morning hours.  Finally, if you plan to start you own business,  you will need to create and execute a business plan, develop employee protocols, provide leadership and manage finances.  A reputable Culinary Arts program will include in its curriculum lessons that help you develop these skills.

When selecting a reputable online degree program, you can choose to pursue a certificate or diploma, Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, or Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts.  There are a number of factors to consider when making this decision, including tuition fees, program length, and instructor experience.

Certificate and online learning college degree programs allow you to gain a great deal of knowledge and expertise in a relatively short period of time, usually between six months and one year.  Online Courses are often offered in the evenings and on weekends, so they allow you to study while also maintaining full-time employment.  Most Associate’s Degree programs are around two years in length and also include significant coursework in business management, marketing, and communications.  A Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts is typically four years in length and includes classes in advanced culinary techniques and in-depth business and marketing classes.  Although Online Master’s Degree programs in this field include coursework in food preparation, it is often assumes that, by the time you have reached this level of expertise, you have attained the basic skills necessary for success.  Instead, a Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts gives you a deeper understanding of the food and hospitality industries, and may also include coursework in nutrition and food science.  Food preparation courses usually emphasize developing specialty cooking and baking techniques.  These programs are typically two years in length.

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