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The field of Education is highly rewarding for many professionals.  It provides an opportunity to directly influence the academic and emotional growth of a child, and a setting that often allows the teacher to immediately see the results of his or her hard work.

degree from online collegeEducation and training requirements for teachers vary significantly by state.  Some states require a Bachelor’s Degree in education for certain types of teaching.  For example, many states require a Bachelor’s Degree to teach an academic subject at the high school level.  A degree in Early Childhood Education or a similar field may also be required in some states to teach in a public elementary school.  However, many private schools may require less formal training.  Some private preschools require a certain number of educational units.  In some states and at certain academic levels, completion of a certificate program is sufficient.  All states require a passing score on a standardized test to teach at public schools.

Students may earn a certificate, Associate’s Degree, Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science Degree, Master’s Degree, PhD., or Doctor of Education (Ed. D.).  Certificate programs are often completed in eight months to one year.  They are frequently offered through online colleges and universities and give students the basic skills and knowledge to teach some student populations in certain states.  Bachelor’s Degrees fulfill the requirements of many states and are available in specialized disciplines.  For example, an aspiring science teacher may choose to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Education.  A typical Bachelor’s Degree is completed in four years.   A Master’s Degree, completed in two years, deepens the education of an aspiring teacher or school administrator, providing additional coursework in curriculum development, instruction techniques, counseling, and administration.  Both the PhD and Ed. D. are recognized by the National Science Foundation as research degrees and qualify graduates to teach at the university level.  While the PhD emphasizes research and the academic study of educational techniques and philosophies, the Ed. D. focuses on the practical skills needed to teach in a classroom.  Both are reputable online degree programs that usually take at least five years to complete.
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