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A career in Forensic Science is excellent for those interested in scientific fields such as chemistry and biology, and who wish to apply that interest to a field that has immediate, practical results.  Most entry-level positions indegree from online college

require a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science or a physical science.  In some instances, pursuing a broader online degree in a physical science, then completing an additional Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Forensic Science gives the student the widest breadth of knowledge and the greatest professional flexibility.  On the other hand, students who are passionate about Forensic Science and have a clear vision of their chosen career path may choose to pursue a specialized Forensic Science degree at the undergraduate level.


Most undergraduate degrees are completed in four years and also offer a number of specializations..  As Forensic Science can be broken down into numerous sub-fields, many opportunities are available for graduate students to gain expertise in a specialized area. Distance learning masters degree are usually completed in two years and my be required for highly specialized professions in the field.  A PhD provides in-depth training in research techniques and is required for those wishing to teach Forensic Science at the university level.  PhD programs typically take at least five years to complete.

Certification is not mandatory for those pursuing a career in Forensic Science, but it signifies a higher level of competence.  Upon completion of a online certificate program, professionals may be certified by International Association for Identification, American College of Forensic Examiners, and the American Board of Criminalistics, among other agencies.  Continuing online Education courses are often required to maintain certification.

Forensic Scientists work in a wide range of settings.  They may work in laboratories, as members of investigative teams, in colleges or universities, or as consultants to give expert testimony in the courtroom.  Highly qualified professionals in this field are always in demand.  However, because many law enforcement agencies are facing reduced funding, competition for those jobs may be intense.  Therefore, a quality education is extremely beneficial for those wishing to pursue a career in Forensic science.

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