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Health Informatics (or Medical Informatics as it is otherwise called) is, quite simply put, the application of Information Technology to the sector of medicine and healthcare. As such, it deals with the methods of creation, storage, management, and utilization of healthcare information. Within the broad frame of medicine and healthcare, Health Informatics applies to ever-evolving domains such as clinical care, pharmacy, public health, and medical research. This makes Health Informatics one of the fastest growing disciplines of modern times.associate degree colleges

Studies in Health Informatics begin with the associate’s degree in health informatics and can be followed up by the bachelor’s degree and a specialization in the form of a master’s degree. Online education has facilitated studies in Health Informatics with students now being able to pursue online degrees via online colleges. Here, we shall deal exclusively with the online associate’s degree in health informatics.

Online Associate’s Degree in Health Informatics – An Overview

About: An online associate’s degree in Health Informatics qualifies you as a health information technician and entails detailed studies in the area of health information technology. The curriculum is generally based on associate degree competencies outlined by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

Coursework: The course work covers, but is not limited to, an understanding of medical concepts, health services, information systems, medical coding, and legal and ethical issues in health information. The course structure is outlined by the online college in question and details can be easily found on the online college website.

Online Degree Programs and Online Colleges: You can choose just the right program for you from a plethora of accredited online associate’s degree programs in health informatics offered by accredited online schools. While most of them are general associate’s degrees in health informatics, some may be with a concentration in a particular area. Here is an indicative and healthy list:



Besides, online colleges such as Lincoln College Online, Penn Foster College and National American University also offer accredited online associate’s degrees in health informatics.

Benefits: An online associate’s degree in health informatics brings to you all the benefits that go with an online education, the most prominent being a choice of online degrees and online colleges and the flexibility of an online degree program.

The resources provided ensure that the online degree programs are on par with on-campus programs. This includes textbooks, study guides, project-work, instructional support, student services by website, phone and mail, and access to coding software among other things.

Onward Looking

The online associate’s degree program qualifies you to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health facilities and also in pharmaceutical companies, academic institutes, and government bodies. Many of these reputable online degree programs even qualify you to take additional certification examinations.

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