Jones International University Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication

online degree programsJones International University is the nation’s first 100% online university that is fully accredited. JIU focuses on the needs of students and adults to become successful working professionals in the business world today. An online university allows for work and school to be completed simultaneously, saving twice the time and twice the effort.

Jones International University has a mission – to help students reach their goals by developing skills needed to advance their career. In today’s world, things are always changing, and JIU is able to adjust you to those changes.

A bachelor of arts degree in business communication is a field of study which puts together business, knowledge, personal, and communication skills together with technology skills. JIU’s bachelor of arts degree offers an innovative and creative approach in helping you to meet the needs of today’s marketplace.

There are 2 different types of Business Communication online degrees:

  • BABC in Communications Management
  • BABC in Sales/Marketing

A bachelors degree in communications management could be the key to your success. The value of communication skills cannot be measured. A company’s success is tied to its ability to communicate with different types of clients and with their workers.

A bachelors degree in sales and marketing is an exciting career course to take. The satisfaction of closing deals and making sales is unmatchable. If you are to succeed in marketing, you must understand marketing strategies, consumer behavior, sales trends, etc. JIU can teach you the skills you need to do exceptionally well in the sales and marketing field and become a great salesman.

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