Masters Degree in Engineering

An Introduction In the sphere of professional education, engineering degrees are, arguably, the most sought after. Engineering offers lucrative

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opportunities to aspirants as it encompasses domains that have a bearing on the socio-economic distance learning masters degreestructure as a whole. As a discipline and profession, it involves the study and application of the dictates of science, mathematics and logics to research and development in sectors ranging from agriculture to industry and from services to energy and power. Its nature and significance are brought out by Theodore von Karman in these words: “Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been.” Modern education, in terms of an engineering degree, has been redefined in the Internet age. With the advent of online education, online colleges, and online degrees, engineering degrees such as the associate, the bachelor’s, and the master’s degree can now be pursued online. A Master’s Degree in Engineering As the name suggests, a master’s degree in engineering is a specialization degree and can be opted for after the completion of the bachelor’s degree in engineering. The master’s degree calls for advanced studies in the chosen area of specialization in terms of in-depth theoretical and application-based studies. It spans four semesters or two years but can be expedited in certain cases. A master’s degree in engineering is a notch higher than a bachelor’s degree in engineering and this translates work-wise too. Graduates with a master’s degree in engineering are offered top engineering positions which are often managerial in nature. Online Engineeting Master’s Degrees & Online Colleges Offering Them An online master’s degree in engineering can be opted for in almost all of the engineering disciplines that are available in a traditional on-campus master’s degree in engineering. Here is a list (inclusive and not exhaustive, both in terms of the online colleges and the online degrees they offer) mentioning a few of the accredited online universities and some of the accredited online master’s degrees in engineering that they offer:

  • DeVry University – Electrical Engineering
  • Lehigh University – Biological Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Sys. Engineering
  • New School of Architecture & Design – Architectural Engineering
  • Colorado Technical University – Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering
  • Penn State – Systems Engineering
  • Georgia Tech – Aerospace Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Harvard – Software Engineering

Besides, online universities such as the California University of Pennsylvania Global Online, Purdue University and UCLA also offer online master’s degrees in engineering. Why Opt for an Online Master’s Degree in Engineering? The primary concern for a student contemplating an online master’s degree in engineering is the worth and feasibility of such a degree as compared to one acquired on-campus. If you are one such student, here’s a few things you must know:

  • Accredited online master’s degrees in engineering meet the same educational standards as on-campus degrees.
  • Many online colleges provide for hybrid online courses which include some in-campus sessions. For example, the Harvard online master’s degree in software engineering.
  • Some even go as far as to arrange for project-based learning with professional engineers.

Over and above on-campus education, online education brings to you the following benefits, among others:

  • The option of studying in an environment and at a time of your choice
  • The option of not having to relocate to pursue your master’s degree program
  • The option of choosing a master’s degree program which is economically suitable for you

Thus, an online master’s degree in engineering provides an overall opportunity to balance family and work demands while pursuing your scholastic goals. request information

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