Northwestern Business College Overview

northwestern business college

distance learningNorthwestern Business College is an institution offering courses that are oriented in training students for careers in many different fields. Some of these fields include health care, information technology, legal studies, and business. NBC was founded in 1902 and has experienced over a century of evolving and changing. Northwestern Business College offers:

  • Job placement assistance
  • Training programs
  • Flexible scheduling

Northwestern Business College also has focused programs towards the fastest expanding career fields today. Some of them include:

To apply for online college degree program , you can use their online form which is simple and easy to fill out online. Students must have at least a GED to be eligible to attend this school and have an American College Test score of at least 15, or an SAT score of 550 or higher. Their staff is full of professionals who are experts in their field of study and do their best to create a learning environment by giving attention to each and every student. There are over 2100 students attending this school and 56% of them attend part time.

There are open campuses located conveniently in Chicago and in Naperville as well. Feel free to learn more about continuing your education at Careerschooladvisor.

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