Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

An online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice offers many areas of coursework in criminology. The need for public safety and security professionals is increasing as well as job growth in this field. There are criminal justice jobs at all levels in the government such as local, state, and federal as well. An online degree in criminal justice  grants graduates many opportunities for different career paths for a career that is exciting and rewarding as well. The  online  classes  vary from crime control strategies, corrections, court systems, and victimology as well. Almost all careers in this field require at least an associate’s degree because if you are to be protecting society and our country as a whole, you must have some knowledge about your field. Having a higher degree in this field can help you to be promoted into higher level positions, such as the FBI.

Job growth and opportunities in the criminal justice career field is expected to increase faster than expected according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also state that the average salary for these professionals ranges from $40,000 to about $70,000, depending on your degree level and which department you choose to work in.

Having an online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can be just what you need to have a better future and have the reward of protecting everyone around you. If you are passionate about public safety and can see yourself playing an important role in today’s society, consider to  earn your bachelor’s degree online. Start by visiting our site at Westwood College to learn more.

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