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online collegesAt Grand Canyon University, we can make your online college  experience as best as possible. With our innovative Angel technology, you will have a consistent format in each class you take. At the beginning of each course, you will go through an Angel tutorial system so that you are familiar with the online structure of the course. Online classes may be confusing at first, but with our Angel technology, you will learn everything you need first hand. In each distance learning course you take, you can invest your own hours every week, allowing you to continue your personal life as well as work. Attending school online is convenient and efficient in all aspects. Although classes do not meet at a specific time and place, students are expected to attend their class by logging in about four times per week on average. Students progress through the course as a class and participate in an online community. Our distance education degree programs are student friendly and you can communicate with your professor and peers online. Not only will you learn, you will enjoy doing it at your own convenience! For more info on what are the best online accredited universities check our list of accredited online colleges  and start earning your online degree today.

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