Health Information Technology

The expansion of a reliance on technology in the health care field has led to an increased demand for technicians trained in handling health information efficiently. Most Health Information Technology degree program focus on the Associate’s level of education and the positions in this area are typically technical jobs that rely on a keen understanding of computer skills to be successful.

More advanced degrees in this area would focus on creating software programs to be used to organize health information or administering and managing others working in this field. (cont.)

Some position titles that are found for those trained with an online degree in Health Information Technology are; Health Information Clerk, Transcriptionist, Coding Specialist, Medical Records Manger or Health Information Technician. If you worked as a Cancer Registrar you would be managing data that would aid in research efforts and studies. You may work in a physician’s office, for a hospital, long term care facility or other medical agencies.

Some examples of classes in Health Information Technology programs are; Medical Coding, Insurance Reimbursement, Medical Terminology, Diagnosis Related Groups Systems, Health Data and Data Analysis, Statistics and Database Management.

Training in Health Information Technology will give you the skills to work with and analyze information for many purposes; billing research, documentation for legal purposes, cost control and better patient care. You will gain proficiency in assembling health data, use of computers and evaluate medical records to insure completeness and accuracy.

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