Wellness, Exercise, and Nutrition

An online degree in Wellness, Exercise or Nutrition could provide an excellent opportunity for you to find highly personalized employment that you find rewarding with an ever expanding market for healthy living.

Some specialization in this field may offer you the chance for jobs such as;

* Health and Wellness Coordinator
* Certified Personal Trainer
* Dietician or Nutritionist (cont.)

* Nutritional Specialist or Nutritionist
* Health Educator
* Massage Therapist or Holistic Practitioner
* Dietician Assistant or Hypnotherapist
* Art and Dance or Movement Therapist

Whether you pursue an online Certificate program, Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Wellness, Exercise or Nutrition, you will be glad for the flexible schedule and ease accessiblity of online courses.

Here is just a sampling of possible classes you might take with an online Wellness, Exercise or Nutrition degree (specifics will vary with your area of chosen concentration); Health Promotion, Work Site Wellness, Food and Nutrition Science, Kinesiology and Exercise, Medical Nutrition, Music and Movement Therapy, Anatomy, Biology, phsiology, Herbology, Immune System and Food.

With an online degree in Wellness, Exercise or Nutrition you may find employment in settings like treatment facilities, hospitals, large companies or nursing homes or private practice and wellness centers.

An online Wellness, Exercise or Nutrition degree will train you to competently deliver health awareness education and wellness promotion. You may learn to design fitness training programs, and become aware of research in fitness issues, as well as developing wellness strategies to prevent health problems and keep health care costs down.

Peruse the online Wellness, Exercise and Nutrition programs below. Request more information and an accredited college or university will reply with assistance.

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