Technology/E Business

E-business is one of the fastest growing segments of the global economy and a critical component of business operations for companies of all sizes. A degree in E-Business can prepare you to enter this exciting field in a variety of capacities, or enable you to integrate e-business savvy into your overall skill-set.

Our online Bachelors and MBA programs provide students with a solid foundation in the principles and practices of successful e-business applications in sales and marketing (e-commerce), business operations, customer service, data transfer, risk management and more. (cont.)

They also include technology-focused courses to equip you with hands-on knowledge of the tools youll need to create, maintain, and manage e-business operations.

Bachelor degree programs provide a solid background in business theory and practice, management, financial analysis, research and marketing and their applications to e-business. MBA programs offer a variety of relevant concentrations. Graduates at all levels are in strong demand for positions in Internet sales, marketing and advertising, information systems, human resource management and supply chain management.

Whether you want to start or accelerate your career in this dynamic field, explore the Technology and E-Business programs below and request more information today.

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