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online degree programsBusiness insiders agree that having a Master of Business Administration (MBA) on your resume is the golden ticket to success and moving up in the field. At Schiller International, a wide range of degrees are offered, but one that really stands out is their online MBA program, which is a fast-track 36 credit program will specific coursework geared to the gaining the tools you need – all from the comfort of your own home!



Besides the MBA that’s offered online, these online degrees are also offered:

Associate degrees:

Bachelor degrees:

  • International Business
  • International Economics
  • International Hospitality & Tourism
  • International Relations & Diplomacy
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

Master degrees:

Schiller is a private university with campuses located on two continents in five countries. Thanks to their distance learning division, students in over 100 countries are getting the education they need to make it in today’s competitive working world. While Schiller is most known for their business degree programs, they’re highly recognized in other fields as well.

With Schiller’s online program, you can essentially log into learning from anywhere in the world! Online Classes are taught by experienced professors who take the time to help all students with any challenges they may encounter. At Schiller, it’s all about gaining a top education with the support you need. In the United States, Schiller is accredited by the ACICS, an accrediting body authorized by the US Department of Education.

When people think education, they tend to think money. But at Schiller, that’s not the case! With scholarships for online degrees and grants offered to all students, as well as assistance with tackling the paperwork, any stress you feel will be erased.

And when it’s time for you to look for your dream job, Schiller will be there every step of the way – preparing you with resume and cover letter workshops and helping you navigate the job search field, supplying you with the sites to visit and valuable tips you won’t find anywhere else. In today’s ever-growing world, Schiller offers global training to help you feel confident no matter where you apply.

With 20,000 alumni who back up Schiller’s successful online program, you can expect to be part of a community of individuals who knows what it takes to make it. Their online learning college degree program are specifically designed to reflect those of hard-working individuals who have another job to do, a family to take care of, or a busy lifestyle. With convenient class schedules and assignments you can access at any time, you’ll feel like you’re getting a personalized education, designed just for you.

At Schiller, highly-experienced professors are prepared to give you the tools you need to succeed. It’ll be more than just signing online to access work; you’ll experience interaction with other students and your professor on a weekly basis, a community-feeling that alums appreciate. You’ll never feel alone on your path at Schiller!

So what are you waiting for? Find out more info on how to take online college courses at  Schiller, “THE” international university for all today!

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