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strayer university

Strayer University is beneficial to adult students to help them have the chance to earn a degree while dealing with the hardships of a busy life. One way that the university benefits these students is by giving them the option for online courses as well as the traditional classroom courses. This university is a commuter school with over 90 campuses and 60,000 students attending. Since it is a commuter school, each campus makes it accessible for students to stay close to either home or work. These 90 campuses

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include the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington D. C. , West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Students can earn either degrees or certificates when graduated. One program area in particular is accounting. Students have the choice to earn a Masters, Executive Graduate Certificate, Bachelor, Associate, Diploma, or an Undergraduate Certificate. The Accounting program grants students the understanding of applying accounting skills to business. Students learn communication skills, critical thinking, and quantitative resourcing skills. In addition, they will gain perspective on how our world is shaped politically, culturally, and through society. The curriculum is centered on accounting concepts, assumptions, and principles utilized in accounting data and financial statements and reports. Not only is Strayer University is an approved school, but it offers academic resources to students such as a library, computer lab, academic counselors, and career counselors. best online accredited universities   Instead of a traditional semester system, this university runs on quarters. The quarter system is made to   accommodate busier students who want to graduate sooner. Even though the courses are rigorous and challenging, the professors are always

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available to help their students along the way. There are many other programs that the university has, but they can vary by location or students can attend online classes. Because the quarter system is used, students may have the opportunity to graduate earlier than predicted, because the pace of the academics is a little faster. For example, instead of a 15 week semester there are only 10 weeks in a quarter. A college student can usually enroll into 3-4 courses per quarter.     Admissions Requirements

  • Application form
  • Application fee
  • High School diploma/equivalent

Mission Statement Strayer University makes high quality postsecondary education accessible to adults of diverse backgrounds and enables them to succeed in their careers and communities.   You can apply for Strayer University online degree programs at CareerSchoolAdvisor.  

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