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strayer university

Strayer University, formerly known as “Strayer Business College,” is a university that offers busy adults to receive an education. Founded in 1892, it grew to give online college  classes as an option to students in the late ’90s.  Strayer University is a commuter campus with over 90 campuses and 60,000 students enrolled. Universities like these are more convenient for students with multiple priorities.  These 90 campuses include the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington D. C. , West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The university gives students the option to get a degree or a certificate in a vast list of different majors. To be top universities offering online degreesspecific, the Information Systems program is very broad. At Strayer University, students have an option to emphasize in an area called Database Management, which allow them to take on the roles of a database administrator. Students will learn about loading and transporting for databases, and the fundamentals used to carry out these responsibilities. Students will be familiarized with networking concepts, configuration parameters, and solving common networking problems. In addition, backup and recovery techniques are taught as well as putting students in scenarios dealing with examining various backup, failure, restore, and recovery.

The university is accredited, and gives students the opportunity to utilize resources that will benefit them throughout their college experience. Instead of a traditional semester schedule, Strayer University is set on a quarterly schedule. The university gives students the freedom to let them choose their classes based on their schedules. Strayer University accommodates students that are on-the-go, but want an education. The students’ courses challenge them to exceed their expectations and the professors are always available to help.

Strayer University’s academic programs can either vary between campuses or are only offered on the Internet for distance learning. A quarter system benefits students because it could possibly help them graduate faster than students on a semester or trimester schedule. Each quarter is around 10 weeks long as opposed to a semester, which is 15 weeks long. The quarter system allows a student to enroll in 3 to 4 courses per quarter. Having a quarter system keeps students driven to potentially have that sooner graduation date.

Admissions Requirements

  • Application form
  • Application fee
  • High School diploma/equivalent

Mission Statement

Strayer University makes high quality postsecondary education accessible to adults of diverse backgrounds and enables them to succeed in their careers and communities.


You can apply for Strayer University distance learning programs at CareerSchoolAdvisor


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