Strayer University: IS—Homeland Security and Information Systems

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strayer university

Strayer University lets students get an college education on their own time.The university introduced online college degree courses, In 1998.  Strayer University is a campus community school that has more than 85 campuses so it is accessible for students to receive an education either closer to home or work. There are about 55,000 students attending. A college student who has a lot on their plate might find Strayer University a good choice for them. These open campuses include the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia,  Washington D. C.  West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

The university has many diverse majors to choose from such as online Information Systems college classes. online guide to collegesStrayer University provides 9 different kinds of emphasis with the Information Systems program. One emphasis offered is Homeland Security and Information Systems. This makes college students aware of the threats and weaknesses to homeland security through information technology. This online college degree course focuses on what is necessary to diminish homeland security risks. Not only is the university accredited and approved, but offers students great tools to utilize while being enrolled.

Strayer University uses quarters instead of semesters to make the online  courses more beneficial for students. Students can take online classes whenever they want, even on their lunch breaks if they are working or in the comfort of their own home over the Internet. The university is meant for students who want to learn, but cannot make the time to go to a traditional college or university. Strayer University strives to test their students through challenges, but the professors are always their when the students need a helping hand. The university offers select online college courses and open campus courses.

Strayer University uses a quarter system, which is is timed a bit faster than semesters and trimesters. Each quarter is 5 weeks shorter than a semester, and students usually take 3 to 4 courses per quarter.  Quarter systems can help motivate students to keep up their work or help them graduate early.

Strayer University Admission Requirements

  • Application form
  • Application fee
  • High School diploma/equivalent

Strayer University Mission Statement

Strayer University makes high quality postsecondary education accessible to adults of diverse backgrounds and enables them to succeed in their careers and communities.


To apply to Strayer University, visit Career School Advisor: Strayer University.

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