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college courses onlineStrayer University (SU) has been helping students further their education and move forward their careers since 1892. Students from all over the United States, and around the world, go to one of Strayer University’s 51 open campuses located all over the United States. Additionally, students can take classes online allowing anyone, anywhere, to turn into part of the student body at Strayer University. Known for a methodical, higher, outstanding education in all sectors, Strayer University provides help from start to end for its students, with financial aid and support for graduates.

Points of Distinction

Areas of Study

With such a great amount of campus schools, plus online courses, anyone can discover the classes they want close to home, and if no campus options exist close to home online learning college degree programs are forever available. There is a wide variety of programs available, but all courses are not available online or at every campus. Some of these programs that are on hand include Professional Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Information Systems, Public Administration, and Educational Management. All programs, in spite of if they are online or hosted at one of the campuses, prepares students for the work place in the most excellent ways possible.


At Strayer University, the admissions process allows for a broad variety of applicants. The college is famous for granting life and core credits for past work experience and classes. The application process to get accepted to Strayer University includes the requirement for proof of a high school graduation or equivalent. The application, and its fee, must be submitted in order to start the process, along with any past transcripts, work experience, or references. To get into a graduate program, applicants must provide a copy of their degree, along with all other transcript information.

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