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university of phoenix university of phoenix

University of Phoenix has many different campus locations available to over 87 million Americans, so chances distance learningare that there is a convenient location near you. University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 by Dr. John Sperling. His vision was an accredited private university that would cater to working students and adults, allowing them to earn their degree conveniently while still being able to work full time. University of Phoenix has locations in Alabama, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Utah, Texas, and even in British Columbia. With so many different campus locations, anyone can find a campus that is convenient for them to go to.

However, University of Phoenix also has the online degree option. Earning your degree online allows you to earn your degree in the comfort of your own home, without having the need to travel or quit your job. If you decide that you want to earn your degree online, you will still receive the best education from professors with advanced degrees and experience in their field. The online degrees distance learning option saves people a lot of time and money, and a campus location is available to you wherever there is a computer.

Earning your degree is the first step to a better career and future. University of Phoenix is the best accredited private university – feel free to click here to learn more information.


university of phoenix
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